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No public meetings schedule for the months of April - June, 2013

What Are the Human Impacts of the BPA I-5 Proposal?

Economic and Human Impact Study

(Five part document - click image for document)

EHI-Study  EHI-Summary  EHI-Transmittal  EHI-Hubris  NEPA-FOIA

Spring 2013 Newsletter


BPA Releases their preferred route

Taxes to Increase for EVERYONE as a result of the I-5 Project 

Summer 2012 Newsletter 

BPA again delays release of the Draft Environment Impact
Statement (DEIS) 
BPA Delays Release of Draft EIS

Washougal Res. 1052 - Insisting on an alternative route 
Click to read Resolution 1052

Open Letter of Appreciation to State Rep. Ed Orcutt 
Click here to read Letter of Appreciation

Citizens & Federal Agency Rebuttal of Grey Line Rejection 
Army Corps Shoots Down BPA Preliminary Plan

City of Camas Resolution Expressing Concern to BPA 
Camas Resolution 1236 including Exhibit A

City of Camas Letter to BPA - Comments and Alternatives 
Click to Read the City of Camas Letter to BPA

Army Corps Memorandum -Improper Dismissal of Alternatives
Army Corps Memorandum for Record

Senator's Cantwell and Murray Send Joint Letter to BPA
Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray's Letter to BPA

BPA Releases Route Home Counts - Read Who's Impacted!
Click here to read the Columbian article dated October 3, 2011

Congresswoman Herrera Urges BPA - Take the Beast East!!!
Jaime Herrera's letter to Stephen Wright (BPA Administrator)  

Video of Rally at BPA Vancouver Office June, 24th 2011
Video is a large MPG4 (66Mb) file

The Reflector article on the "Grey Line" by staff reporter
Brandy Grey

Terry Constance and Brandy Grey had a discussion about the Grey Line
recently. One purpose for this meeting was to correct some of misstatements
that were previously communicated by another citizen group.

The Reflector Article from the week of July 18th, 2011

Letters to the editor in The Reflector week of July 18th, 2011
Read the Letter to the Editor

BPA Rally A Rousing Success!!!
The very well organized rally in opposition to the I-5 Reinforcement project
at the Vancouver Mall BPA office was a huge success. The turnout was
great as was the media presence. Read the Columbian article related to the

Columbian Article on the June 24th BPA Rally

BPA Moves from "Segments" to "Alternatives"
BPA has announced they have developed four "action" alternatives and what
appear to be 4 preferred routes. While at the same time adding the caveat that
all options remain open.

Click Here to Read the May 2011 BPA Project Update

Quick Links:

BPA Rejects Alternative Routes with 1/2 Truths

"We have concluded that this proposal may relieve one set
of home and landowners from impacts, but burdens another

If we are to assume BPA is referencing the "Grey Line
Concept" then they are wrong. This proposed concept isn't
trading one set of home owners for another. What BPA
isn't telling you is this concept route impacts corporations
and public lands NOT a multitude of individual home

We are again seeing BPA make "smoke and mirror"
statements which are less than accurate. BPA continues to
make political decisions at the expense of home owners.
We will continue our concerted efforts to push this line out
of all populated areas, both urban and rural, because
existing right-of-ways in populated areas is NOT the answer.

Read the Related "Project Update" Newsletter

Washington Education Association
Opposes Lines Near Populated Areas

During the latter half of 2010 the Washington Education
Association (WEA) studied the impact of high voltage lines
on children's and school employee's health. As an outcome
of this study the WEA felt there was reasonable cause for
concern for the health of children and employees who spend
extended periods of time at schools. The WEA feels strongly
that BPA should be cautious on where they place the new
500kv transmission lines. They cited California's
precautionary stance of not allowing 500kv lines within 350
feet of new schools.

Ultimately the WEA has requested that BPA place the new
500kv lines in the east, on "unpopulated public land,
entirely away from homes and schools."

Read the WEA Letter to the BPA

Congress Responds! Letter From
Jaime Herrera Beutler

Representative Herrera stated in a recent letter that "BPA
has not satisfactorily explained why it's suggested routes
make the most sense."

Click here to read the letter



The Risks Bonneville Power Administration is Willing to Take


Another Twisted Excuse by the Public Serving "not for profit"
Bonneville Power Administration

GrayLineNewsFlash     BPA-GrayLineEvaluationReport 


New Billboard Hits the Streets!!!
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BPA Battle Ground Meeting
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Representative Orcutt and Terry Constance Speak with's David Madore 


Watch the four-part series where Another Way BPA Chairman Terry Constance and Washington State Representative Ed Orcutt talk with's David Madore about the BPA's troubled I-5 Reinforcement Project.

The I-5 project is only one project out of a much larger major power distribution and commercial construction effort that BPA is undertaking.
This four-part series wouldn't have been possible without the tireless efforts of individuals from three distinct citizen groups: Another Way BPA,
Citizens Against the Towers and the Yale Valley Coalition and most of all thanks to's David Madore for making this a reality.

(Please click the links or an image above to watch any one of the four interviews)